Bull Buck Sponsors

Thank you to all of our participating sponsors that help make this drawing possible!

A great way to show our gratitude to those that sponsored the BULL BUCKS!  Every year their generous contribution has made this event spectacular!

Image by Ernesto Velázquez

This is how it works

Each year participating seedstock producers put a generous $100 in the "pot".  During the prime rib & Tickler a name is drawn from current members
The winner is awarded the BULL BUCK PLUS certificate


When the winner purchases an animal from one of the participating producers they use the certificate to get the specified discount. Marias River Livestock sends a check to the participating producer for the amount of the certificate depending how many sponsors contribute

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If you would like to be a participating BULL BUCKS sponsor

Past Bull Buck Winners


2021 - Jay Clark used with BOBCAT ANGUS

2019 -Joren Engstrom used with DIEMERT HEREFORD RANCH

2018 - Zeb Engstrom used with SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK

2017 - Wes McAlpine used with FLESCH ANGUS

2016 -John Hasquet used with FLESCH ANGUS

2015- Jeff Habets used with FLESCH ANGUS

2014- Kenny Berthelote used with TOMSHECK ANGUS

2013 - Lance McDowell used with HAWKS ANGUS

2012 - Jason Samsal & Dakoda Simms used with HAWKS ANGUS