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Vaccine mandate affecting us all

U.S. vaccine mandate on freight drivers coming from Canada may worsen supply shortage

An estimated 12,000 drivers could be prohibited from entering the United States under the mandate that may take effect Saturday, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

The U.S. mandate, announced in October, requires all essential foreign travelers, including truck drivers, who cross U.S. land borders to be fully vaccinated. Essential nonresident travelers had been able to enter the U.S. during the pandemic regardless of their vaccination status, in part so as not to disrupt trade and to give them more time to get vaccinated.

Marias River Livestock Association is representing you and need your help to call our governor, senators and representatives. This mandate can affect us all!

The mandate has added to an already problematic supply chain, meaning certain deliveries have slowed, or been prevented entirely. There are ranchers that have purchased hay and can't get it delivered.

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