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Agri-Producers in Montana who have not completed their crop acreage reports, there is still time.

July 15 is a major deadline for most crops. Farm Service Agency staff at your ttps://

can help by providing you with maps and acreage reporting deadlines by crop for your county. Your crop insurance agent can assist you with reporting information necessary for crop insurance benefits.


How Crop Acreage Reporting Works

Contact your local USDA Service Center to make an appointment to file your acreage report with FSA using the Report of Acreage form (FSA-578)

To file a crop acreage report, you will need to provide:

crop and crop type or variety;

  • intended use of the crop;

  • number of acres of the crop;

  • map with approximate boundaries for the crop;

  • planting date(s);

  • planting pattern, when applicable;

  • producer shares;

  • irrigation practice(s);

  • acreage prevented from planting, when applicable; and

  • other information as required.

Here are you local FSA offices and numbers to contact

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